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Sunday, March 3, 2013

A trip to Stinson Beach and Mount Tamalpias

A family trip with a couple of dogs to enjoy a remarkably warm winter day at the beach. With 70 degree temperatures and no wind it even beat many midsummer days for a picnic on the beach.

 From the overlook along Interstate 80 Mount Tamalpias rises through the haze across San Fransisco Bay. 
Our journey will take us to the ocean on the other side of the mountain.

Heading towards the beach we hit one of the straight sections of Highway 1.

Ariving at the ocean we take in the view looking south towards the mouth of San Francisco Bay.

The view looking north.

Soon we round the curve that takes us down to the beach.

A nice day at the beach, not too crowded. Some nice tide pools near the rocky cliffs in the background.

 Unfortunately the surf was too high for tide pooling. It would also have been interesting to get the dogs there since they aren't allowed at the south beach, only at the north beach where we went.

 Meg takes Cody for a stroll.

Kae and Keni


After lunch we head out up the Panorama Highway to reach the top of Mount Tamalpias.

The crew heads out on the hiking path that rings the east peak of Tamalpias.

San Francisco from Mt Tam.

Mt Tam drops sharply down to Larkspur with the north bay in the Background

A portion of the trail.

Daughters and their dogs 

The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge with Richmond in the background and San Rafael in the foreground. The yellow buildings at the San Rafael end are San Quintin Prison

Mount Diablo lies 38 miles to the east. Richmond is to the left, Berkely to the right.

Another turn in the trail brings to an overlook facing north

Looking north along the coastal range and the Marin area

Looking northwest, Bon Tempe Lake in the foreground, Point Reyes shrouded in fog in the far distance

 Kae photographing me photographing her

An old snag stands gaurd

I only found one old rusty thing on this trip

Sunset over Mt Tam as we head home

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