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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Folsom Lake

Currently California is entering the third year of drought. A La Nina has set up in the Pacific and an associated high pressure system has set up. The clockwise rotaion of this high pressure system is diverting the jet stream and the winter storms up into Alaska then down into the Midwest. Consequently we are under a summer type weather condition with record tying and breaking daytime temperatures for the last week or so.
The following photos were taken two weeks ago at Folsom Lake. The lake is drained enough for flood control storage in the fall and filled in the spring by snow melt runoff. Water is also drained from the lake to maintain water quality in the San Joaquin Delta and for irrigation.
In the springtime two years ago the lake never completely filled and had fallen enough that the boat docks closed and boats had to be removed shortly before the fourth of July. This year it was before Memorial Day. Normally it is in August or later.

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The floodgates at Folsom Dam stand high above the water. The top of the white band near the top of the earthen dam to the right is the high water mark. Currently the lake is 1/2 of its normal capacity for this time of year.

The following panoramas are from a spot about 200 yards "off shore". What is left of the lake is in the old river channel of the American River in the background.

[panoramas formed by combining individual photos]

This is from the high water shoreline. Summer shoreline is at the base of the trees in the foreground.

A detail fom one of the above panoramas.

Several views of the lake bottom. Here the earthen portion of the dam stands high and dry.

Fish habitats, created by tying together pine tree tops, lay high and dry, far from the water.

A small remnant of the lake provides enjoyment for our dogs.

Sometimes it looks vicious,

But they are actually good buddies.

We for once were able to wear them out.

Family Portrait

That about says it all!
[all photos Bluebear2]

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