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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lake Mildred 2011

Last Year on Rin's family's yearly camping trip to Lake Mildred I set out to shoot pictures for the 2010 Lake Mildred folio. I had shot about 4 pictures when suddenly my camera would fire. I turned it off and back on, still no luck. I started to look at the settings when i noticed batteries laying on the ground at my feet. The darn battery cover had broken off of the camera.

Distraught I wasn't able to think of the easy fix - a rubber band to hold the cover on - so last year there was no folio.

This passed Christmas I was finally able to treat myself to my dream camera and passed the old Fuji rubber band model down to my daughter, so armed with my new camera i went out to shoot more pictures. This year I mostly was stuck on the beauty found in nature, much of it small things. Having forgot my bellows at home my hopes for much macro work wasn't realized, but I still spent some belly time getting down amongst the grasses.


One thing in abundance to watch out for - Poison Oak!
Itsy Bitsy Spider
A vulture circles overhead searching for dinner.
Of course the dogs had fun running, chasing and wrestling at the dog beach.

The burn scar from a fire several years ago is beginning to heal.
      After a number of dry years the wet weather this winter has the spillway flowing.

Some artsy stuff...


  1. Well that sucks!

    By using Bloggers "Add a caption" option it breaks the link at the photo which enables you to enlarge it!

    Now I have to go back and fix it!

  2. They are really mucking stuff up with these new features they're trying to add. SOMETHING went radically wrong today. Suddenly my Safari browser is laboring like mad any time I try to load MY OWN page.


    Looks as though you had a pleasant weekend!

  3. Suddenly my Safari browser is laboring like mad

    Well that really sucks!