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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lake Mildred - 2009

This year our family migration to Lake Mildred fell early in the spring. Night time temperatures were in the 30's and since our camping trailer was having problems with the mechanism that lifts the top, we were forced to revert to the tent. Having laid dormant for about 8 years, none of our ThremaRest mattresses and other inflatable sleeping devices held air. Needless to say sleep was not in abundance!

The first series of photos were taken using a 2x closeup lens on front of my cameras standard zoom lens. I recently discovered my closeup lens set from an old Contax IIIa fit my current camera. (The Contax was stolen years ago and is irreplaceable.)
In some of the photos the lens to subject distance is less than 1 inch, in others up to about one foot when zoomed out. All photos were hand held - I forgot my tripod!

As usual, click the photos to enlarge.

Look for the spider in this one.

Here are some landscapes.

Of course the dogs came along too!

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