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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Still Kickin'

It's been quite a while since I updated the gallery so I figured I had better get to it.
For some reason, this year at Family Camp, I just couldn't get inspired. After the last few years I found it hard to find anything new to work with. The first two pictures in this gallery were the only things worthwhile I came home with. Therefore I've filled out this gallery with various photos and photo artwork accumulated over the last year or so. Some are new photos, others are older photos that have recently been reworked with Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, or both.

Daffodils in Libby's yard.

Created with a scanner in a dark room with the lid open.
The leaves were laid on the scanner bid.

Narcissus in my front yard.

Dried Queen Ann's Lace flower found in the Yolo Causeway.

One of Mom-in-Laws many roses.

Last week, one afternoon, there were several long streaks
of cirrus clouds drifting over.

Storm clouds last winter.

Bee on apricot tree blossom.

A spider that greeted me last Sunday morning.
I stopped just short of wearing him across my face as I went out to get the paper.
He had spun his web between the columns on my front porch.
The picture was a challenge to get because the wind was blowing the web back and forth towards and away from the camera. Focusing manually was too slow and with auto-focus, when he drifted too far, the camera would instead focus on the distant lawn at which point the spider was so out of focus I couldn't find it to get it back in focus.
After about 15 shots I finally got it.

A goose that came up to me to pose for a picture.
(Actually he was begging for food - at the park 
everybody feeds them even though they are not supposed too.)

Folsom lake 1/1/2009 after about 3 years of drought.

Folsom Lake 8/21/2011 after a winter
which saw 165% of normal snow pack.
This photo is shot from the same location as above, although 
at a slightly different angle and different zoom ratio.

Lake Valley Reservoir near Yuba Gap in the Sierra Nevada.

Sunset over Yolo Causeway

The Super Moon rising behind my tree.

Playing with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro

Rice stubble in a flooded paddy at the Yolo Causeway.

 Black & White
Under the train trestle at Yolo Causeway.

Lake Clementine Dam.

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